Comparative analysis of institutional arrangement experiences and needs for Integrated Coastal Zone Management in France, Norway and Greece
Programme Environment and Climate, Human dimension of environmental change (ENV4-CT97-0445)


The partnership
The working papers

A multidisciplinary research in social sciences crossing  political science, sociology, law  and economics to :

1. Historical outline of governing ambitions and means
  • what kind of problems, forces and interests have pressed for government action ?
  • citizen initiatives beyond or beside public actions
  • actual public governing ambitions : problems and challenges
  • the existence of public law and juridical frameworks for public planning and policy   implementation 
  • development of planning : from sectors to integrated planning
  • rights and interests : organised and unorganised 
  • 2. Administrative and organisational context for regional and local solutions 
    • how is the public responsibility for regional and local management of coastal areas organised ?
    • at what level are made decisions concerning regional and local problems
    • the links between interests and governing agencies 
    3. Case studies : from local planning to ICZM public action
    • private and public interests in setting the governing agenda 
    • the single sector administrative logic and the challenges of a cross-sector approach 
    • local/regional problems and vertical sector decision-making
    • from planning to action : challenges and surprises
    4. Coastal zone management : a comparative approach of national policies 
    •  the differences in issues and priorities
    •  the importance of policy and administrative context
    •  the administrative challenge of integrated management
    •  organising for legitimacy and co-operation 
    •  economy and expertise as critical factors

    Photo : Bay of Mont Saint-Michel
    Laurent Thieulle, FISHPASS